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Did You Miss An ASC/ATA Meeting You Wanted To See? We ask Presenters at our Monthly Meetings to supply copies of their Presentations. Click links below to view them…

Meeting Presenter Presentation Type
Jun 2013 Lawrence McIntosh &Steve O’Connor Solarshare: Community based investment in solar electricity
Jul 2013 Rob Thorman Solar Access: The (ACT) Land Development Agency’s Block Guide PDF
Aug 2013 Fraser Argue & Leigh Duxton Update on high efficiency lighting and Solar Energy in Southern Germany
Sep 2013 Ben Elliston Complementary Roles Of PV & CST Power In High Renewable Penetration Electricity Systems PDF
Oct 2013 Peter Lyons Highlights of Intern’l Building Performance Simulation Association Conference 2013 PDF
Nov 2013 Hugh Saddler Electricity Demand, Distributed Generation, & The Future Of the NEM TBA
Feb 2014 Mark Diesendorf Debunking Sustainable Energy Myths & Reframing Australian Energy Futures
Mar 2014 Ric Butt Solar Fence Regulations of the ACT Territory Plan TBA
Apl 2014 Artur Zawadski World Markets for the Big Dish TBA
May 2014 Jose Zapata Modified Extended Kalman Filter to Estimate the State of the SG4 Receiver TBA
Jun 2014 Trevor Lee Hybrid Solar Heating For Small Buildings PDF
Jul 2014 Andrew Blakers Pumped Hydro Energy Storage- Andrew Blakers PDF
Aug 2014 John Grimes ASC “Save Solar” Community Forum for Eden-Monaro Electorate
Sep 2014 Ben Masters Hybrid storage and Grid Connect PV systems
Oct 2014 David Payne Investing in Solar in the Age of Net Metering PDF
Nov 2014 Daniel Harper The ACT Govt-funded Energy Advice Service TBA

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