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Here some information that EV enthusiasts in Victoria will find useful.

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Documents The Federal government have Australian Design Rules (ADR’s) which can be found here and here

As part of the Vehicle Standards Bulletin 14 (VSB 14) there are several pertinent National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Development documents put out by the Federal Department of Infrastructure. These were updated on January 2011. They are all listed on their website here.

Amongst others they include: 1. Introduction (NCOP2) 2. Alternative Power Units (NCOP13) 3. National Guidelines for the Installation of Electric Drives in Motor Vehicles (NCOP14)

The main Vicroads document can be found here

There is also an EPA document which in general is not applicable to electric vehicles but can be found here

VASS Engineers The list of current VASS engineers can be found at the VicRoads site VASS engineers

Forums There are many forums on the web. A simple search will reveal them.

Adding useful information If there are any other useful links that anyone feels should be listed here please contact us here

Clubs and Interest Groups

Alternative Technology Association

Geelong Electric Vehicle Group

Center for Education Research in Environmental Strategies

Swinburne University Electric Vehicle Group

Connected Communities Hackerspace

Australian Electric Vehicle Association



Blade Electric Vehicles

E-bikes All Australia Electric Vehicles


Epac Power Bikes

Component Suppliers


EV Works


Electric Vehicle Motors


Left Coast Electric

Metric Mind


Batteries and Chargers

EV Power Australia P/L


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