Toowoomba Branch

The Toowoomba branch started operation in January 2015 with a small meeting of local ATA members. Thus far we have hosted a number of successful events.

You can read the Convenor’s Annual Report for 2016 here.

Upcoming Events:

  • Come and visit us at Farmfest! (links here and here). The local ATA Toowoomba branch will be displaying at Farmfest in the Toowoomba Solar Centre tent.

You can contact the branch here: [email protected]

Branch Committee: 

  • Convenor: Mark Tranter
  • Secretary: Ross Campbell
  • Treasurer: Don Carlson
  • Committee Members
    • Jill French
    • Terry Ryan
    • Bill Curnow
    • Gavan Reily
    • Lorraine Biggin
    • Bob Carpenter

Branch Events:

11 October 2017: University of Southern Queensland Solar Car Park

12 July 2017: Ergon Energy: Integrating sustainable energy solutions into policy. How is the future shaping up?

10 May 2017: Community Owned Renewable Energy Forum

31 January 2016: Branch dinner and Annual Meeting

16 October 2016: Toowoomba EV Expo

9 August 2016: Zero Carbon emissions in 10 Years! What’s possible?

14 June 2016: Sun + Home: Warmer in winter, cooler in summer

12 April 2016: New Energy for the Future – Household Battery Technology

4 November 2016: Annual Meeting

14 October 2015: Smart Residential Development – New directions in innovative, sustainable, affordable housing

11 June 2015: Getting the most out of solar in your home or business

24 March 2015: Turning off the electricity grid to your home – Hybrid PV systems

17 January 2015: ATA Toowoomba – Start-up Meeting