Wollongong Branch

The Wollongong branch started operation in October 2016 with a small meeting of local ATA members.

Branch Committee: 

  • Convenor – Tom Hunt
  • Interim Convenor – Greg Knight
  • Secretary – Vacant
  • Treasurer – David Arnold
  • Committee Member – Neville Lockhart

You can contact the branch here: wollongong@ata.org.au

Branch Events:

23 August 2018: ATA Wollongong branch and the Tesla Tiny House

5 July 2018: Passive House Design: Health And Energy Impacts

3 May 2018: Seaweed & Algae: Food & Products from CO2

1 March  2018: Electronic Waste and the Marine Environment

2 November 2017Water Recycling and Biosolid Production and Use

12 October 2017: Community Forum – 100 solutions to Climate Change: What can you do?

7 September 2017: Solar Panels, Batteries, Electric Cars and their Integration and Monitoring

6 July 2017: Desert Rose, Solar Decathalon House

4 May 2017: How eBikes and Bike Share Systems are Revolutionising Transport

2 March 2017Future electricity demands and distribution

6 December 2016: Branch start-up meeting and update on Electric Vehicles

14 October 2016: Good News and Active Tips on Combating Climate Change


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